Malée Tribe Coins

Inspired by African tribe community hierarchy. ‘Tribe’ is Malée’s unique loyalty program. Built to give back to our customers as we do within the communities that Malée as a sustainable business impacts.

Put simply you earn Malée coins for every rand, euro, pound or dollar spent with us.

Based on your total annual spend you are rewarded and can unlock exclusive benefits through out the year with our unique loyalty program.

  • Malée Number 1


    A community influencer, you can start earning points straight away just by registering to ‘join our tribe’. Benefit from special offers or convert your Malée coins to actual currency to be used as discounts against your orders.

  • Malée Number 2


    A community leader, with even more perks than Omahene. Enjoy our special offers, convert your Malée tribe coins to actual currency to be used as discounts against your orders or use your Malée coins to redeem free products.

  • Malée Number 3


    A sage of Malée unlock all our tribe benefits including life time free delivery and more.

Malée Coins
5 Malée Coins  for every £1 spent.
100 Coins = £1 to spend on your next order.

*Your Malée tribe coins cannot be redeemed during promotions. Not to worry you will still earn them.

Earn Malée Coins

You will always know how many Malée tribe coins you earn from each order in your shopping cart. Once your order has been placed your new Malée tribe coins earned will be added to your account and can be used on your next order.

Your points are valid for life with no expiration date.

*You must have a Malée tribe account to collect Malée tribe coins.

Malée Coins Earned

Spend Malée coins on any products on our website

Once you have collected some Malée coins they are available to use on your next order straight way. A new option will appear that allows you to choose when you would like to apply the discount value of your Malée tribe coins.

*Malée tribe coins can’t be used to discount postage costs and aren’t earned on postage.

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Keep track of your Malée tribe Coins

Log in to your account to see where every Malée tribe coin has been awarded. We are transparent so you can keep track of your coin rewards.

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