Malée Natural Science FAQs - Company


How can I get some samples?

We offer a free sample on our website. All you have to pay for is postage and packaging. If you have any questions about a particular product or are wondering what is best for your skincare concerns, one of our skincare specialists would be more than happy to help.

What is the best skincare routine to follow?

Depending on your skin type there are several options.  We have written a few articles to help here for dry skin and here for oily skin

Where are your products made?

Our products are manufactured in the UK and South Africa

How do you work with influencers?

We are always excited to collaborate with like-minded people and have an affiliate program. You can find out how to sign up and learn more about our program here

Is Malée a clean beauty brand?

Clean beauty to Malée means that we consciously, sustainably, mindfully and honestly create, source, produce all of our products without the use of any ingredients that are proven to or suspected of causing harm. Our approach to formulating our products; if it is not beneficial to skin or important to the formulation then we do not include it. We make sure all out products are made using ethically sourced ingredients with the health of you and the preservation of the environment in mind.

How are Malée products different from other beauty brands?

We believe that personal success starts with self-care. That luxury shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment and that brands should give back to the communities to help build a better world. This means conscious luxury and beauty with purpose. With every Malée purchase, you know that you can trust every ingredient in the formula, that every product has a purpose and has been proven and rigorously tested for efficacy.

What is your commitment to sustainability?

We love nature and it is the inspiration behind everything we do. We take our commitment to sustainable production very serious. We use glass bottles and jars where possible, we also use recycled paper and use cold process manufacturing.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Certificate


What certifications do your products have?

We are committed to nontoxic, sustainable and environmentally and human friendly practices. The landscape and certification are ever-changing, this means we continuously hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Product Info

Product Information

What skin types are Malée products suitable for?

Our products are suitable for everyone, including sensitive and eczema prone skin. Ideal for all skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination and even those with rosacea. Have a specific question? We would love to assist. You can ask us on Instagram (@maleeonline) or Facebook (@maleeonline) or email us:

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not. We love animals and wouldn’t do anything to put them in harm’s way. That is why we also formulate all of our products without animal derived ingredients.

How should I store my Malée products?

For the best results, please store your products in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Putting your products in the refrigerator can make products feel refreshing (Try this with our moisturising oil in the summer!), it doesn’t make products last longer. Remember this means the bathroom isn’t the most ideal place and with naturally derived ingredients, separation is natural and can happen.

How do I know the shelf life of my product?

We recommend after opening products to use them within 12 months of opening. When you purchase from our website, we recommend opening products within 6 months of delivery.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Most of our products are vegan friendly. Our conditioning body scrub, moisturising oil, nourishing hand cream and conditioning body cream contain white beeswax (a by-product, it is humanely sources and no bee is harmed in its making). All our suppliers and ingredients are cruelty free.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Orders


What is the status of my order?

When your order is placed, you will receive an email with confirmation of the order. If you still have questions, please contact us at and someone will get back to you with an order update. We do our best to respond to these requests within 24 hours.

Where can I find your products near me?

You can find your nearest stockist by checking our stockists page. We are constantly adding new authorised retailers.

What types of payments and currencies do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Shipping

Shipping & Handling

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we do. On qualifying orders.

How soon can I expect my order?

We work hard to ensure that every order is received as quickly as possible. However, we handle all orders with care. After your order is placed, please allow a few working days for it to ship. Delivery timings will depend on your distance from our fulfilment center.

I have not received my package what should I do?

Not to worry – we can and will help. Please email and we will track your order for you. If it is still in transit, please allow more time for delivery.

What countries do you ship to?

Our available list of countries come up when you place your order. For any other countries, please email and we will assist if we can.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Refund

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please email within 7 days of your purchase.

My order arrived damaged - help!

Oh dear! We are sorry to hear that. Please email if your purchase was made at with your order number, picture(s) and a description of the damage and we will get back to you with the next steps.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Contact

Contact Information

Press contact

You can reach out to us with all press enquiries at

Social media, influencer contact or event participation

We love collaborating with like-minded people. Please email and someone will be come back to you.

How do I meet Zeze?

Zeze would love to meet you too, she is often on the road hosting events, participating in panel and speaking engagements. Follow us on social media @maleeonline. It is constantly updated so continue to keep an eye out.

I have questions about my skin care, who can I reach out to?

Please email and we will do our best to assist you on your journey.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Wholesale


Want to become a Malée retailer? Email us!

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an authorised Malée retailer. Please email We look forward to hearing from you.

Malée Natural Science FAQs - Loyalty

Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes we do! You can sign up to in the Malée tribe by signing up here. If you have already created an account and owned the tribe on, you can simply login to your account, see your order history and your status.

Klarna Logo

Klarna Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments

Who is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores. Over 90 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments.

How does Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments work?

Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments is a form of credit which allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout. Your first instalment will be collected when your order is confirmed by Malée and instalments 2 and 3 are scheduled 30 and 60 days later, respectively. You can always monitor your payments’ schedule in the Klarna app.

Am I eligible for Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments?

To use Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments you must be at least 18. Whilst this option is widely promoted, Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments is subject to your financial circumstances. When choosing Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments, our assessment will not affect your credit rating.

How can I increase my chances of being accepted for Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments?

Klarna is unique and offers Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments based on a number of factors such as the order value, previous order history and item availability. If you are 18 or over, you can improve your chances of being offered Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments by ensuring you provide your full name, accurate address details and arrange shipping to your registered billing address. All orders are assessed individually. Just because you have been accepted for Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments before does not mean it will be offered for every order. In turn, if your application for Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments is denied, it does not mean it will be denied for future orders.

What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?

If you want to make a purchase with Klarna using Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments, you’ll need to provide your mobile phone number, email address, current billing address and a debit or card card. The mobile number is required in case we need to reach you. All communications will be sent to your email address. It’s very important that you give us the correct details, as otherwise you will not receive your payment schedule and any updated order information.

Will a credit search take place?

Klarna may run so-called unrecorded enquiries (or soft credit searches) that do not affect credit scoring and are only visible to you and Klarna, but not visible to other lenders. Neither Klarna nor Malée Natural Science run credit searches against you that could impact your credit rating.

Why have I not been offered Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments?

Although Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments is widely promoted it is not always universally available. The Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments payment option is automatically generated by algorithms that are dependent upon a number of factors including address details, cardholder details, amount of order, the online store, previous order history and item availability.

What are my payment options with Klarna?

Payment for your Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout. The first payment is taken when the order is confirmed. The second and third instalments are collected 30 and 60 days, respectively, after the first instalment. You can always monitor your payments’ schedule in the Klarna app.

What happens if I cancel or return my order?

As soon as Malée Natural Science have accepted your cancellation/return, Klarna will cancel any future scheduled payments as well as refund any amounts due. The return will be reflected in the Klarna app immediately.

What happens if I don’t pay for my order?

Klarna will automatically attempt to collect your payment for your Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments purchase at Malée Natural Science from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout. If we are unable to collect your payment on the scheduled due date Klarna will make one further attempt to automatically collect payment two days later. Should this last payment attempt fail, Klarna will issue you a statement for the full outstanding order amount which will become payable 15 days later. Klarna shall notify you when a payment is due two days in advance of attempting to collect your payment and you can always monitor the due date in Klarna app at your convenience.

You will not be charged fees or interest for late and/or missed repayment(s). Your credit score will not be impacted by using Klarna’s ‘Pay later in 3 instalments’ product even if you have failed to pay on time. If you fail to make a payment you will be in default, and may be unable to use Klarna in the future. We may continue to attempt to collect overdue and currently due payments on subsequent due dates, or invoice you separately for the unpaid total. If you do not pay for your purchase, Klarna may engage with an external debt collection agency to collect on our behalf. Debt collection agencies are used as a last resort.

I have been asked to go to the Klarna site. Is this correct?

You can view all of your Klarna purchases and payment schedule in the Klarna app or by logging onto

Is my payment information safe?

Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. No card details are transferred to or held by Malée Natural Science. All transactions take place via connections secured with the latest industry standard security protocols.

Can I pay before the due date?

Yes. Just go to the Klarna app or log onto and pay off early.

Have you received my payment?

Klarna will notify you via email and push notification from the Klarna app when a payment is due and when this has successfully been collected, or in the unlikely event of your payment failing. If a payment has been collected but you have not received payment confirmation, you can always check the status of your order and payments in the Klarna app or by logging in at .

What happens to my statement, when I've returned the goods?

Once Malée Natural Science has received the return (partial or full) and you have received their confirmation of this, an updated statement with an adjusted payment schedule will be sent to you by Klarna if you’ve made a partial return. With a full return, we shall refund any payments collected and cancel any future scheduled payments. You are always able to monitor the status of your order in the Klarna app.

I've received a statement, but I've not yet received my goods.

In the event that your goods have not been received please call Malée Natural Science to check on your order and delivery status. You can also contact Klarna’s Customer Service so that we can postpone the due date on your payment or put the order on hold in the Klarna app while you wait for the goods to arrive.

I have cancelled my order. How long will it take until I receive my refund?

As soon as the store has registered your cancellation or your return, the refund will be processed within 5 business days.

I have asked for a refund. How will I be refunded?

Refunds shall be issued back to the debit or credit card which was originally entered at checkout.

I haven’t received an email with my statement/payment information.

You can log in the Klarna app or at, where you will find all of your orders and payment schedule information.

I still have questions regarding payment, how can I get in touch?

Visit Klarna app Klarna’s Customer Service page for a full list of FAQs, live chat and telephone options.