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Meditation Tips For You and Yours

Looking for meditation tips for you and yours to bring some mindfulness to the new month?

While we’re a few days into February and this means we are heading faster into year and soon we would be counting down to Spring, February is the month of love but also a chance to indulge and pamper ourselves and loved ones because St Valentine’s says so and we’re excited about that.

Most of all, here at Malée HQ, we have been thinking about how to incorporate some mindful and holistic  routines. Complete with all the benefits and free of charge.



Because meditation and mindfulness is not just helpful for mind, body and soul, it also a great way to slow things down, take stock and find a centre.

Therefore, to get you on your way and kickstart the new month, we have created the ultimate round up of 5 of the best meditation tips, mindfulness tips and tricks you can simply incorporate at home, morning or evening to find your mindfulness and centre this February.



  1. The most important part of meditating is practicing techniques that are suitable for you. Our top tip is to find a practice that you are comfortable with. Try as many out as you are introduced to, you are bound to find a sweet spot.
  2. Maybe start with just a minute and a half to two minutes. Set a timer on your phone. The important thing is to take baby steps and try increasing it by a minute daily. By the end of week two, you’ll be meditating for almost 15 minutes a day.
  3. The best thing about meditating is that you don’t need any equipment and it’s completely free.
  4. Meditation groups or maybe classes are a great way to get social. A wonderful way to learn from your peers, swap some handy tips and develop your own skills.
  5. Finally, are you ready for a new dimension? why not incorporate aromatherapy and lighting. Candles are a great way to introduce mood boosting scents. The flickering light from the candles, the light hissing of the natural cotton wick as it burns, it can create the perfect environment to enhance your meditation session.

verdure Candle


Because we couldn’t leave it at just tip No 5. Here is a little more on aromatherapy and light in mindfulness and meditation.

Fragrance can be a gateway to memories, more emotional than just simply about the senses. Not only is our sense of smell is one of the most powerful of our 5 senses. The use of essential oils in our candles introduces a holistic element. Because they have been carefully chosen as mood enhancers that can help ease the mind, body and spirit. They can also reduce stress, uplift your mood, enhance sleep and improve cognitive and physical performance as well as improving your self-esteem and boosting your confidence.

Because your wellness is important to us, our products are made with just this in mind.

Inspired by un-spoilt Africa and its rich landscapes, our candles are a portal to the desert tundra, the wetlands or even a connection to wisdom of the land. In 3 evocative scents, each scent takes you on a unique journey.


  1. Discover Verdure, an invigorating and uplifting scent that opens with a bright, energising burst of citrus, followed by refreshing mint grounded in warm and earthy patchouli. Inspired by the legend in Tanzania; raindrops were believed to be the tears of Udo, goddess of youth and beauty – a sip of which could grant eternal beauty. As fresh as dew on a spring leaf, this luxury fragrance will leave you feeling youthful, energetic and confident all day. BUY the Verdure candle here.
  2. Invoke centuries of African philosophy and local traditions with Peppersage. This enigmatic fragrance contains the spirit of the continent with delicately warm spice and woody notes. Perfect to really keep you relaxed during meditation. The sage channels the spiritual connection between nature and communities to guide their tribes towards prosperity. BUY the Peppersage candle here.
  3. With its soft floral notes, this provocative fragrance captures the essence of African night flowers as they bloom in the moonlight and release their enchanting scent into the cool night air. Our Polyanthes scent is inspired by ephemeral African night flowers that bloom for a single night once a year. This intensely alluring scent intertwines soft floral tuberose, gardenia and lotus flower with musky blonde woods and warm vanilla. Explore a sense of calm. BUY the polyanthes candle here.

Do you have any meditation tips you want to share with us? We’re always up for learning new tips and tricks! If you’ve got a favourite scent you want us to know about, share that too!




















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