Detox Bath – things to do in the bath

For most a bath is usually a treat. A little me time and a chance to catch up on a chapter or two of that book you have been trying to finish for the last month. Along with it’s many benefits of hydration, the addition of luxurious bubbles and luxury shower oils, there are countless things to do in the bath.

Here are some handy hacks, healthy facts and top tips of things to do in the bath for added skin care and hair growth benefits:

Hair growth

The perfect time for your pre-shampoo treatment. Try argan oil or pure coconut oil on your hair for hair growth. Slather a generous amount on to your hair before stepping in to the bath and pull up. The added steam and warmth will help the oils and nutrients seep into your locks and your winter hair will be thankful for the boost in hydration. Our Verdure moisturing oil is packed full of nourishing oils, it’s the perfect skincare nourishment and hair growth oil.



A good moisturiser goes a long way. Especially in the winter as we dial up the temperature to make it soothing. Your skin will be dehydrated after a hot bath. Lock in the moisture and seal skin with our Verdure conditioning body cream or Verdure moisturing oil.

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Scented Candles

Set the atmosphere with your favourite scented candle. The scent will boost your mood for relaxation. Why not try Malée’s 100% soy bean oil candles. Light the wick and instantly be transported to unspoilt natural Africa. Use the warm oil as a moisturiser for added skin hydration.


Hydration Pack

Turn your bath time into a routine for hydration that lasts all week long. Remove dead skin cells and allow your moisturisers to penerate and nourish your skin. Reveal healthy glowing skin with our Verdure conditioning body scrub. Made with natural salt and sugar and 5 nourishing oils and butters, the natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) in sugar will also help to chemically exfoliate your skin so need for unnecessary pressure while you scrub away the dead skin cells.

Salt Bath

Add in a handful of epsom salts and a few drops our Verdure moisturing oil while you run your bath. The Epsom salts will help with swelling and sore muscles, while the moisturising oil will hydrate your skin while you soak.

Let us know which tips you use at your next bath time and share your pictures with us. #pamperperfect.