The key to a comfortable trip is to travel light. Especially when it comes to your beauty routine. Why lug around a hefty vanity bag when you can simply choose a few essentials that cover all your beauty needs?

Malée’s range of 100% natural beauty products contains only the purest botanical extracts that are so powerful you only need a few to complete your entire skin care routine. Enhance your travels even further with an aromatherapy journey inspired by the uplifting scents of Verdure − a bright, refreshing fragrance infused into each product. Enjoy youthful, smooth and glowing skin, in-flight and long after you arrive, with these travel-friendly essentials.



These pocket-size products are all 100ml or less, so you can keep them in your carry on and in easy reach.


  1. Verdure Moisturising Oil – 100ml

The all-over glow

Ditch the day and night moisturiser, cuticle oil, body cream and hair conditioner, and simply use our multipurpose Verdure Moisturising Oil instead. Boasting a potent blend of super-concentrated natural oils, plus essential vitamins, fatty acids and skin-tightening peptides, it’s the all-in-one solution to your skin, hair and nail repair needs. Apply onto your skin, hands and nails whenever you need an intense moisture boost. Or use it as a pre-shampoo to replenish dry and damaged hair. Now you can travel light, without compromising on your full beauty care routine!


  1. Hydrating Hand Crème – 75ml

A helping hand

Changes in climate and recycled cabin air can lead to really dry skin, especially on your hands and feet. Malée’s Hydrating Hand Crème is rich in skin-loving active ingredients that effectively moisturise, soothe and soften your skin. Massage a pea-size amount into your hands to nourish skin and improve circulation. The slim packaging design slips easily into your carry-on bag for quick and easy application anytime.


  1. Verdure Eau de Parfum – 15ml

Uplifting Scents

Long-haul flights in a stuffy cabin can make you feel grumpy, tired and drowsy. Not to mention the jetlag that comes later. Clear your mind and lift your spirits with Verdure Eau de Parfum, a delightfully refreshing scent that takes you on a journey through the lush mangroves, earthy forests and dewy wetlands of Africa. This invigorating fragrance opens with a bright, energising burst of citrus, followed by refreshing mint grounded in warm, earthy patchouli. Scientifically formulated with 30% pure fragrance oils for long-lasting wear, just a few sprays on your pulse points will leave you feeling youthful, energetic and confident all day.