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The best natural fragrances to help boost mood

Natural fragrance made from the goodness of the earth has the power to transform mood and balance body and mind.


Here, we round up the benefits of natural perfume, natural scents for the home, and natural soybean aromatherapy candles to help boost mood and treat your body from within.


Keep it real with natural fragrances


Natural fragrances are complex compositions of natural raw materials such as essential oils derived from botanicals and absolutes. Think beautiful blooms, fruits, trees and seeds, packed with healthy vitamins, as opposed to the harmful effects of ingredients such as alcohol, which is used in synthetic fragrances.

Due to the all-natural origin of natural fragrances, they’re good for your body and mind and have a multitude of heath and therapeutic benefits.

Fragrances are among the top five known causes of allergens. Thankfully, the non-toxic formulas of natural fragrances decrease the risk of skin irritation and hormone disruption. So you can connect to scent without the harmful side effects. Essential oils also help promote calm and relaxation, bringing about therapeutic effects.

What’s more, natural fragrances react differently to your body chemistry, making the fragrance completely unique to you. Made by extracting the scent from organic dried materials such as plant-based ingredients, natural fragrances are also suitable for sensitive skin.


Natural perfume scents to travel through time with


Connect to a fragrance and you usually choose your ideal scent based on instinct and desire. Scent has such a powerful and emotive effect on the brain, it evokes memory. The memory of a scent that takes you back to childhood, a loved one or special experience of wanderlust and travels. Our Verdure Eau De Parfum includes base notes of citrus, mint and patchouli.

The natural ingredient of citrus has a zesty, uplifting effect. Vitamin C is invigorating and refreshing, the kind of get up and go you need to face the day full of energy. An instant mood-booster.

How to use our Eau De Parfum? Add a spritz to your pulse points, your collarbone, back of the neck, hairline, wrists and back of the knees. The pure fragrance oils of patchouli will also leave you feeling energetic and refreshed from AM to PM. It can uplift mood, drive away feelings of anxiety or disappointment and relieve tension from tip to toe.


Natural fragrances to instantly refresh the home


Natural scents have a beauty and purity to them that sets them aside from synthetic fragrances. They can tie us subconsciously to our ancestral past. They can also help create a relaxing haven of wellbeing in the home.

Our Verdure Room Mist contains similar ingredients to our Eau De Parfum. With essential notes of citrus, mint and patchouli, it takes you on a therapeutic journey through the African wetlands.

Patchouli is an essential oil often used in aromatherapy to banish stress and mint has been scientifically proven to release endorphins and reduce fatigue. A few spritz of our Room Mist helps bring the aura of a room together while promoting a sense of calm.

The perfect finishing touch before having guests over or washing away the stress of a busy day.


Natural scented soy candles to ignite your energy


Natural candles can help set the tone of the room and increase productivity without causing harm to the body. Our 100% natural soybean candles in Verdure, Polyanthes and Peppersage have a range of benefits.

Floral Polyanthes captures the essence of African night flowers as they bloom in the moonlight. Floral scents have been used in aroma therapeutic rituals for years to calm nerves and reduce stress. The perfect addition to your desk during high-stress working weeks or dreaded deadlines.

Recall how you feel when you smell the fresh, invigorating scent of coffee beans roasting at 7 am. Scented candles work in a similar way to your coffee wake up call.

This scent-memory link helps boost energy and alertness. Our Peppersage soybean candle invokes the spirit of the continent with warm spice and woody notes. We all know nature is a great source of relaxation, but you might not have to leave the comfort of your home to reap the benefits.

Natural candles have the power to transport you to a calm mental space while the non-toxic spicy aroma does not harm the body after being inhaled. We crave natural scents because they’ve been around forever.

It brings a sense of feeling grounded and level. It’s just right and promotes a positive mind-body connection and experience.


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