Grey box with ribbon, travel sunglasses and Malée body cream


Jetting off to find some peace on the Pistes? Or swapping your chunky knits for cotton summer dresses and your woollen berets for your sun hats?


Our essential guide to ensure your skin is well looked after in the sudden change of climes.


Travelling really takes a toll on the hands and often leaves them feeling a little dehydrated and dull, crying out for a drink of hydration. Give yourself a five-minute hand massage once a day, it keeps your hands soft, improves circulation and benefit from the rejuvenating scent of Verdure Hand Cream (1).


Pairing fragrance to personality and mood is a must for us,  opting for something light, with zingy scents of citrus and mint is the perfect match for our getaway persona. Try our Verdure Eau De Parfum (2).


Whether relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine or riding down the mountains of St Moritz in sub-zero temperatures, staying hydrated is important as the elements are at work. Opt for a vitamin-rich, all over moisturiser with a scent that keeps you in the holiday spirit. We would recommend our Body Cream (3) with rejuvenating notes of patchouli, citrus and mint.


Slopes or beach, we can’t forget about those sun-rays, for super glam, large framed sunglasses do the job.


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Safe travels,


The Malée Team.