Summer skincare product on outside table on decking


Healthy skin is as much as what you eat as what you put on it. Our skin is our largest organ, keeping it nourished has a multitude of benefits. With summer in the air, our need for a healthy glow and healthy skincare routine is more pressing.


A few tips for a healthy glow all summer long and even after summer is gone.




Great skin begins with good prep. Imagine your skin is a canvas and laying the right foundations is key. Exfoliating should not be just for special occasions but should be built into your weekly routine. It will not only take care of dead skin cells to reveal, smoother, younger, healthier looking skin but will allow your moisture products to work even better.


Exfoliate once a week on damp skin with our Verdure Conditioning Body scrub. A little goes a long way. Apply in light circular motions, paying attention to dryer areas such as heels, elbows and knees. Smaller circular motions and a little more pressure will smooth, nourish and reveal glowing skin on rinse off.




Locking in moisture and hydration is the key to plump, youthful looking skin that is smooth and soft to touch. Build this into your daily routine. Oil or Cream, we’re not partial.


Our Verdure moisturising oil and Verdure conditioning body cream will do just that.

Add a few drops of oil to your bath or alternatively apply liberally on damp skin after you step out of the shower or bath daily for added moisture. A rich but non-greasy formula which will penetrate the skin and sink into deeper layers to hydrate from within. A little goes a long way.
For more ways to use our oil, you can check out our recent blog post here. 




You have heard this before but drink a lot of water. We are, after all, 70% water. Your skin needs hydration from the inside out as well. Mix our moisturisers with your UV filters for protection before heading to the beach. Be sure to check healthy sun exposure times and top up frequently.

Normal skin usually stops producing melanin after two to three hours. Certain foods are sun-friendly snacks. Tomato has an oxidant that can boost your sun protection by 33% and dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids that can help protect against sunburns.


Prep your skin before your vacay, to reduce dryness and eliminate dead skin cells.

Well moisturised skin is key to a beautiful and glowing tan. Our top tip, stick your moisturisers in the fridge while in the sun. Your skin will be thankful for the cool drink it will get.


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