Magazine on table with flower and room mist fragrance


We’re in the midst of the festive party season and as we begin preparing for Christmas drinks, lunches and dinners, ambience is on our minds!


Fill your home with the uplifting and revitalising scent and fragrance of our Verdure Room Mist that will take you and your guests on a journey through the African landscapes without leaving the comfort of your own home. Rich with essential oil notes of citrus, mint and patchouli, our Room Mist is formulated like an Eau De Parfum for interior spaces, instantly uplifting the scent of any space to introduce a burst of invigorating fragrance.


Follow each of these steps for long lasting results that will promise to create the perfect party atmosphere:


1. Lightly spray on your curtains or blinds. This allows the fibres within the fabrics to absorb the fragrance for a longer lasting scent in every room.


2. Our mist is ideal to use on hard-to-wash fabrics in your home, such as carpets, furniture, upholstery, and bedding. Be careful not to use on fabrics that water spot, including silk, suede, and leather.


3. Gently spritz onto radiators so that the scent diffuses as the hot air rises and wafts around the interior space.


4. Research has shown that a quick spritz of scent can lift your spirits. This citrus-infused scent of Verdure will awaken your senses, and patchouli is a natural mood booster, thereby ensuring high spirits for both you and your guests!


Party season can also be tiring, particularly if you’re the host..


5. Try lightly spraying our room mist onto your pillow. The calming scent of patchouli acts as a sedative to relax the body into a healthy nights sleep.


Spray into air as often as required for bursts of freshness. Click here to buy!