Collage of Africa and African imagery



1. Describe Africa in one sentence


I couldn’t describe it any better than the Lonely planet did here []


“Raw and refined, complex and simple, inspiring and troubling – Africa always has the power to confound, and that is why we love it so. With each successive trip, whether climbing to remote rock-hewn churches, studying the behaviour of its iconic wildlife or spending time with diverse African communities, our affections for the continent that spawned humanity grow deeper, as does the knowledge that there is, even more, we have yet to discover. Much like its horizons, the opportunities in Africa are endless. And that is the reason it keeps pulling us back over and over again.”


Fuel your wanderlust, Read more about Africa from the Lonely Planet here [ ]


2. What is your favourite African landscape?


I couldn’t pick, there are special moments to be had all around; The Desert tundra, raging waterfalls, Flora or even its people, full of smiles, deep in community and tradition.


3. Favourite scent, taste and sound?


Fresh fruits and vegetables, the taste of organic eats, homegrown with love, is second to none. My favourite sound is the ocean. It reminds me of evenings on the porch and the dawn of a much needed evening breeze after a hot day.



4. The greatest memory coming from African continent would be?


The Freedom in, and of nature, as it was intended.


5. When visiting SA if you could only bring one thing back with you, what would it be?


9 months of uninterrupted sunshine


6. South Africa or the UK :)?


Africa has my heart always.


Has Africa stolen your heart? It definitely has ours!


Much love,

Dorian and Tilly

The Malée team.