Keep you natural tanned skin glow after summer

5 ways to keep natural tanned skin after summer

Just back from your holidays and apart from not believing that they have ended, you are willing to make your natural tanned skin glow last? Or maybe you’re just heading off and want to know how to get bronze skin that can stay longer? You’re not alone.


If you want to keep that colour into these coming colder seasons, here are some natural tan skin tricks and products to make you keep that summer feeling for as long as possible.


So here are the 5 ways to keep natural tanned skin after summer:


1. Pre-exfoliate

While it may seem counterproductive, scrubbing up your skin is essential before going holidays. Your skin gets tan when the sun activates the production of a pigment called melanin, which colours the top layer. This layer casts off approximately every two weeks, so to ensure that all your skin cells are at the very beginning of their cycle, have a powerful body scrub before going holiday. Our award-winning body scrub uses a gentle yet effective combination of multi-grain natural salt, skin-loving oils and sugar.  Apply it in large circular motions with a light pressure to bu­ff away dead skin cells.  On problem areas such as knees, heels and elbows, use smaller circular motions to increase effectiveness.


2. Drink water

Drinking water benefits how well your body functions and ultimately affects how your skin looks and feels. Don’t give up on drinking water just because you’re not under 30 degrees. Keeping your body hydrated can help your cells last longer (including those nicely tanned cells at the ultimate skin layer) and also gives a natural bright shine to the skin.


3. Avoid Hot Baths

To ensure cells stay hydrated, you need to feed them from the inside as well as from the outside.Cool showers can help your skin not to dehydrate, leading to slower peeling. Stick to cold water if you want to you lock-down your tan colour.


4. Moisturise

There’s no better way keep your natural tan skin than by applying a moisturising lotion. Our intensely moisturising body cream nourishes, smoothens and repairs your skin. Its fresh invigorating scent opens with a bright, energising burst of citrus that will take you back on that refreshing summer feeling. Someone pass me a martini, please… 🍸


5. Wear white

Finally, it’s a tried-and-tested trick for giving the illusion of darker skin: simply wear a white or lighter shade next to your face. A crisp white shirt, bronzer and a bold red lip is one of the best mood-boosting combos we know.


Do not let your natural tanned skin glow go away so easily. Apply this routine and get in touch with us on social @maleeonline. We’d love to hear how it helped your skin.