Best skincare tips for sensitive skin. Skincare for sensitive skin.

Skincare for Sensitive Skin – Our Top Secrets

Sssh, don’t tell! Here’s our top secret skincare tips for sensitive skin to ensure you never suffer from stinging, burning or tender skin again.


Skincare for sensitive skin: our top secrets


Replace chemicals


Replacing chemical based formulations with natural ingredients can help prevent skin flare ups and irritation. (We promise). So make sure you pick vitamin packed and skin-loving products such as our Malée Moisturising Oil from the beauty aisle. Your skin will thank you for it later.


Keep it cool


Keeping cool should be your #1 priority, especially before bed. Avoid central heating late at night and make sure you’re not using too many covers to prevent overheating and sweat irritation on skin.


Test, test, test


Testing = an absolute must. It might not be something we always remember to do, but testing a small patch of any skincare product on your skin helps ensure you won’t wake up to any nasty reactions. Give yourself at least 48 hours before applying to other areas of your body.


Use sunscreen


Sunscreen, vitamin A and antioxidants are a beauty cocktail for treating skin sensitivity due to their natural healing and protective properties. On holiday? Amazing. You just don’t want to have irritated and inflamed skin as soon as you step off the plane. Always use sunscreen and vitamin-packed products to help enhance its effectiveness.


Hello hydration


Hydration is key. Avoid all harsh toners and chemical-formulated products and replace with natural ingredients such as coconut oil. The naturally hydrating properties helps lock in moisture, makes your skin firm and makes you feel uplifted and refreshed after facing the effects of daily life. Our conditioning body cream is 100% natural and contains avocado oil and sweet almond oil which makes it an essential skincare product for sensitive skin.


Go natural


Ingredients straight from the pantry have the power to banish your every skin’mare. Natural remedies such as yoghurt and oatmeal make great DIY face masks for sensitive skin due to their vitamin-rich formulas. Gently remove dead skin cells and wash away your niggling skin issues without stripping the moisture or natural oils from your face. Voila.


Be careful with body scrubs


Using aggressive body scrubs or rubbing your skin too much can cause irritation of your sensitive skin. Our Malée conditioning body scrub contains sugar and salt grains of different sizes and has a very smooth texture, so you don’t have to put much effort in rubbing your skin. Apply it in large circular motions with a light pressure to buff away dead skin cells.


Have you tried any of our skincare for sensitive skin? Let us know how you get on in the comment section below!