10 best travel beauty tips and essentials to help you look fabulous

10 best travel beauty tips and essentials to help you look fabulous

Vacay ready? You will be after reading this blog post about 10 best travel beauty tips.


Our African heritage means that travel and beauty come as one. Wherever we are in the world, we’re always thinking about the next natural ingredient and vitamin concoction to take you on a journey through the African wetlands amid exotic night flowers as they bloom in the moonlight.

Whether it’s our Verdure Nourishing Hand Cream, containing avocado oil – high in vitamin A, B and D, sweet almond oil and shea butter – or our award-winning Moisturising Oil, not only do we transport you from one corner of the world to another, but we ensure soft, silky skin, no matter what the weather.


But what’s the best way to maintain healthy summer skin and ensure you’re keeping to your skincare routine while travelling?


Here, we reveal the 10 best travel beauty tips and essentials to help you look and feel fabulous from top to toe while on the go.


1. Travel light – use multitasking products


It can be tempting to panic last minute and fill your best travel bag or makeup bag with a bunch of products you think you’ll use, but will never use. So, pack sensibly. And pack light. Multitasking products, such as our nourishing moisturising oil, can help cross two T’s with one stroke of the pen. It’s a win-win!  Add a drop of oil – full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants including sweet almond oil, avocado oil and rosehip oil – to the ends of hair to help revitalise and repair damaged tresses.

One to add to the travel checklist, moisturising oil also packs a punch in hydration, making it great for on the go. Apply liberally on the skin or add a few drops to a running bath for the ultimate relaxing treat. The natural ingredients straight from the pantry can help treat skin from within, without causing any irritation, so these travel essentials are even suitable for sensitive skin. And relax…


2. Travel size toiletries


Whether you’re taking a quick 2-hour flight with only hand luggage or packing for the holiday of your dreams, travel size toiletries are an absolute must to ensure you’re travelling light and leaving room for your prized possessions. Keep hands heavenly with the zesty, citrus-y scent of Verdure with our miniature 10ml Verdure Hand Cream.

Massage a few drops onto hands, focusing on problem areas such as knuckles and cuticles to help replenish and treat dry skin all year round. Use small circulation motions to increase blood circulation and reveal the more radiant you. The natural effects of avocado oil will help reveal a silky layer that’s soft and satisfying to touch, while the fresh and invigorating scent has the power to give you that get up and go. The energetic burst you need to make the most of your travels.

Our top tip. Pop a little hand cream into your travel beauty kit during flying to keep hands soft and protected. The air con on flights, especially long haul flights, can wreak havoc with your skin so make sure you’re regularly applying a few drops to keep hands in tip top condition.

The best news? You’ll find this hero hand product for free in our product section on our website. Simply add to your cart and checkout.


3. Keep hydrated


Hello hydration. Feeling parched because of the hot weather? Long haul flight got your skin feeling like it’ll never be soft and supple again? Fear not. This is one of the best travel beauty tips ever: moisturising is key.

Mid-flight, it might be an idea to cleanse your skin to wipe away any excess dirt and add radiance. Gently wipe away dead skin cells and particles that are building up during the flight and follow with your favourite moisturiser for an instant moisture boost. Don’t forget the water.


4. Treat your tresses


With the sun, sea and sand, hair can easily become dry and damaged during your travels. Thankfully, hair damage is something you can avoid at all costs, especially before hitting the beach.

Add a few drops of moisturising oil to the end of your locks to protect from the damaging effects of chlorine and salt water. The oil acts as a protective barrier to stop pesky particles getting through.


5. Exfoliate (to reveal a smooth tanning base)


Skin can be more sensitive during your travels. But to maintain a healthy summer tan, exfoliation is key. Apply a little conditioning body scrub to your arms, focusing on dry areas such as elbows and knuckles. The natural, no microbead salt and sugar formula contains alpha-hydroxy acids to nourish and protect while washing away dead skin cells. The natural ingredients and invigorating scent will envelope your skin in a fresh forest haven, transporting you to a faraway place where pampering is an essential part of the everyday.


6.  Ready, pedi, go!


Treat your tootsies to a little seasonal loving. They deserve it. A spec of gel nail polish will leave them looking fresh and fabulous so you can step out in style. A lick of polish dresses up any outfit and adds the finishing touch to your look so you feel confident and flawless all holiday long.


7. Catch your beauty sleep zzz


Need we say more? Holidays should be a time to relax and detox from head to toe. A good night’s sleep, whether on the plane or the train, is vital to ensure you and your skin are getting the rest you deserve. Invest in a travel pillow to keep well rested even when you’re out and about.

Lack of beauty sleep can derive your brain, body and skin of nourishment so make sure you’re getting those zzz.


8. It’s all about the scents


Staying in a little bit outdated hotel this time? Don’t worry, you can make it smell like a green paradise with our lovely Verdure Room Mist. Verdure is a scent that opens with a bright, energising burst of citrus, followed by refreshing mint grounded in warm, earthy patchouli.  Forget about the smells you hate, because now you can beat them with the mist you love.


9. Pop on a face mask


Face masks can help cleanse deep into the pores and rejuvenate skin from the harmful effects of flying. They help soothe tired skin and draw moisture without irritation. After a crazy road trip or a trip full of flights, you will definitely need one of these face masks.


10.  Use sunglasses and hats


Not only are they very instagrammable, but they will also protect your skin from getting burned and as a consequence, getting old faster than you would like. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin in addition to using a fabulous hat and some trendy sunglasses and you’ll be alright.


Hopefully, these travel beauty tips will help you be happy and look fabulous during all your trips, even the most exhausting ones!