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4 of the best natural remedies for skin problems

Whether you have oily skin, acne, dry patches or sensitive skin, chances are you suffer from at least one inevitable bugbear when it comes to the condition of your skin. Hormones, pollution, the weather, and stress all play a part in determining the look and feel of your body. So how do you keep your body’s largest organ under check? Two words. Natural ingredients. With their antioxidant and vitamin-rich properties, natural ingredients treat niggling skin problems from the inside out.


Rather than causing more damage like many harsh chemicals and expensive scrubs can, gifts from nature will treat your skin like a lifelong friend. So, raid your kitchen cupboard. We’ve rounded up 4 of the best natural remedies for skin problems so you can rest assured your skin is getting the love it deserves. Discover how to make DIY face masks, scrubs and at-home moisturisers using essential oils, honey, coconut oil, avocado and more. Ready. Set. Go!


DIY natural beauty face mask for clearer skin


Acne. Even the word on your lips makes you stress, doesn’t it? Fear not. All you need is a little natural avocado and honey face mask to pop those pimples back where they came from, soothe redness and nourish your skin. Natural ingredients such as avocado are also an effective way of combating acne scars, as they destroy free radicals and bacteria. Avocado treats your skin long term, rather than short term, keeping pesky pimples and blistering red patches at bay. What’s more, the fruit is full of vitamins and nutrients including vitamin K, E, C, and potassium which help protect against skin damage and give you that coveted gorgeous glow.


Try our avocado and honey DIY mask to reveal clearer, softer skin.



-1 avocado

-1 tablespoon of honey



1. Begin by chopping your avocado in two. Remove the seed.

2. Use a spoon to remove the avocado and place into a bowl, being careful not to waste any of fruity goodness.

3. Mash into a pulp and stir in the honey. Keep mixing and mashing up with your fork until it turns into a paste.

4. Wash your face well with lukewarm water. Apply the nutritious face mask mixture using your hands. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes to allow it to sink into the skin.

5. When you’re done relaxing, remove the face mask completely with lukewarm water.

6. Finish with a natural moisturiser for ultimate skin hydration.


DIY moisturiser for oily skin


Suffer from oily patches? Don’t panic. The age-old secret is out. Coconut oil has been used for generations to feed and moisturise skin due to its highly nutritious value. Containing vitamin E and K, it helps hydrate the skin and regulate the production of sebum, which reduces tell-tale oily patches. It’s also suitable for sensitive facial skin. Don’t miss our DIY moisturiser recipe containing the magic of coconut oil to help banish oily skin for good.



-1 cup virgin coconut oil

-A few drops of essential oils



1. Measure one cup of extra virgin coconut oil and add essential oils if you’re using them. (Eucalyptus or lavender can add extra fragrance which lingers all day long.)

2. Add all ingredients to a blender and whip for 6-7 minutes on the high-speed setting.

3. Once the formula is whipped up, add to a resealable container and pop in the pantry.

4. To put the recipe to good use, begin by washing your face using your normal face wash. Then, apply warm coconut oil liberally on the face and neck.


Our top tips: A good beauty hack is to apply it before bed. Your skin will repair and hydrate overnight, revealing softer, more radiant skin by morning.


If you suffer from excessively oily skin, it might be an idea to add a few drops of coconut oil to your normal moisturiser and see how you go. This will hydrate without adding too much oil.


Exfoliating sugar scrub for dry skin


Eczema and sensitive skin can be a whirlwind to deal with. Figuring out what to use on your skin to treat the flare up, rather than harm it more, is no fun task. Exfoliating sugar scrubs with natural ingredients can help soothe and moisturise problem areas including elbows and knees.


Natural sugar is a source of glycolic acid which has skin regenerating and healing properties. The alpha hydroxyl acid penetrates skin, encouraging radiant, more flawless looking skin. Using it as an exfoliating scrub helps buff away dead skin cells and treat the flaking and cracking effects of eczema. A good DIY exfoliating body scrub should also moisturise skin. Our exfoliating body scrub contains a healthy mix of avocado oil, cocoa seed butter, mango seed butter and grape seed oil.


Check out our natural ingredients and follow the steps below for healthy, radiant skin with the help of our conditioning body scrub.



-Avocado oil

-Cocoa seed butter

-Mango seed butter

-Grape seed oil

-Sunflower seed oil

-Sweet almond oil



1. Apply a generous amount of scrub to your skin once per week.

2. Massage in gentle, circular motions to buff away your cares of the day. For best results, use on damp skin.


The scrub removes dead skin cells and treats problem areas to reveal soft, silky skin. It also softens and nourishes, revealing glowing skin. Check you out!


DIY lip scrub


Lips flaking no matter what the weather? You’ve tried a bunch of lip balms and creams but still no luck. When the air is dry, your lips suffer. Crusting, peeling, dead skin is no one’s beauty friend. Try our DIY homemade lip scrub for the ultimate dry lip remedy in 2 simple steps.



-1 tablespoon of white sugar

-A dash of honey



1. Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with honey to create a formula that sticks. Once per week, simply rub the mixture onto your lips. Be gentle but wipe hard enough to loosen the dead skin.

2. Relax for 1 minute to let the mixture sink it – it’s literally a kiss to your lips.

3. Remove using a clean, damp washcloth and follow with a dab of lip balm for super soft lips. And smile!


Which DIY home remedy did you try? Get in touch with us on social @maleeonline. We’d love to hear how it helped your skin.