Tomato and leaf salad recipe

A Fragrant Salad

A great salad does two things, not only is it healthy and nutritious but it also adds amazing colour to your table setting, the WOW factor!


A colourful, fragrant and utterly delicious salad inspired by Malée fragrances, made using fresh ingredients.


Surprise the taste buds of your friends, family and guests this holiday season.


Ingredients to serve 4


1.       200g mix lettuce

2.       100g rosa tomatoes cut into halves

3.       80g pomegranate rubies

4.       30g fresh mint leaves

5.       30g fresh sage leaves

6.       4 cloves

7.       1 pinch of black pepper

8.       1 pinch of salt




Place all ingredients in a salad bowl and dress with your desired dressing, we recommend a pomegranate salad dressing (a few rubies crushed with the juice of lemon).


Sprinkle with salt and pepper