How to get a healthy glow in winter?

A healthy glow in winter is always a win. Often, we worry about the how and why especially when it seems the climate is against us.

Rejuvenate dry itchy skin and let your moisturizer do a better job for dry skin by introducing an exfoliator into your skincare routine.


Heathy Glow for the body?

Choose a body scrub that will tackle your skincare concern; sensitive, dry and flaking?

Coarse salt and sugar scrubs are not ideal for sensitive skin types. Instead, look for finer salt or sugar scrub exfoliators. They are made with finer food grade premium sugar particles, like our Malée Conditioning Body Scrub. The award-winning formula not only packs a punch when it comes to getting you on your way to healthy skin but it also makes the perfect addition to the best skincare routines. Our products are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. We use only what your skin needs and exclude unnecessary mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients, many known allergens and harmful parabens and silicones. Sustainably sourced, cruelty-free and fully recyclable.



Skincare Routine

For a simple routine, incorporate a scrub once a week to rejuvenate tired skin and get rid of dead skin cells for a healthy all over body glow.  Most importantly, a scrub will create the best foundation for your skin to absorb a body lotion, body cream and moisturizing oil.


Healthy Skin Tip

Apply the scrub to damp skin, the lukewarm water will help soften the dead skin cells. After a shower or a bath is ideal.

There are no rules to where you start, you can start where is most convenient and comfortable. Leg up or from the arms down. It is important, to rinse completely with lukewarm water to reveal smoother, suppler skin.

Avoid a scrub before shaving your legs because you can irritate the skin.


Moisturizer for dry skin?

If you use a body lotion as moisturizer after your daily shower, on exfoliation days, it is best to use a body oil or body cream that is oil rich as your pores will absorb oil best. After showering, pat skin to leave it with some moisture.

It is important to leave skin a bit damp after a shower or bath as the additional water will act as a carrier to help absorb and draw in the oil for ultimate hydration.

To finish, sit back relax, and allow your skin and the oil to do all the hardwork.