Hands holding hand cream for skincare on a pink background


Our hands and our face are the most exposed areas of our bodies. The most used limb before our legs. Looking after them with hand cream and body cream is important. Treat, protect and nourish your hands as you would your face. They go everywhere with you.


They give away our age, and you can keep them youthful looking by moisturising hands daily.


Hands and foot expert, Margaret Dabbs says “cold temperatures, dry air and constant washing are dehydrating in themselves, but together they seriously sap moisture from your skin, fortunately, a little regular care can keep your hands healthy all winter!”



To help you get started we’ve come up with the best routine to get rid of dry, wintery hands!


1. Gently wash your hands with a mild cleaner, warm water to soften the skin and remove any unwanted bacteria. Rinse and pat down.


2. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your palms and run together to warm and spread evenly over the front and back of your hands. Pay attention to the back of your hands, which are most subject to UV rays and don’t neglect your wrists and cuticles.


3. Repeat this routine two to three times a day for fast and effective results. Our Malée Nourishing Hand Cream is the perfect bedside table, desk and handbag companion, ensuring a routine that will leave hands soft, supple and plump.


It is vitamin rich with natural skin loving oils and butter. Coconut oil fatty acids, fast penetrating avocado oil and sweet almond oil help leave hands feeling non-greasy, intensely conditioned and soft.


It is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or animal-derived ingredients!


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