Magazine with hand cream and sport trainers


You are a little more than what you eat and we believe in healthy living. That means using the highest quality ingredients and drawing on natural science to create skincare that lives up to its promise.


We are in the latest issue of Women’s Health UK and we are overjoyed.


Our must haves pre and post your workout:



1. A good pair of functional but comfy trainers, co-ordinate if you must. We won’t tell anyone!


2. A good playlist and good headphones can really make a workout. A throwback to your days in the 80’s where curating and perfecting the right playlist was an art and use a modern alternative. We love Spotify.


3. Track your progress and receive a slight nudge when you hit your calorie goals.


4. Post your workout, your skin’s PH levels have changed and would need tending to. Lest we forget your aching muscles. A good warm shower and a treat for your skin, our Verdure Conditioning Body Cream applied with a little pressure in circular motions will help soothe post work out aches and pains and the fresh and invigorating scent of Verdure will put a pep in your step.


You deserve the post work out pampering, you earned it with all that hard work.


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Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017,


The Malée Team