Beauty products, feet and towel for travel


Infected with acute Wanderlust and offices in South Africa and London, travelling is something we do quite a bit. Our top 10 items that you need for stress-free travel:


1. Passport


No explanation needed. This is the most important item in your bag. Check beforehand that you have at least 2 free unstamped pages and your visas are up to date and don’t expire while you are abroad.



2. Phone


Your phone; our travelling desk and trip assistant, is our hero item. Your boarding pass, staying and keeping in contact with your beloved ones at home, your team, calendar updates and correspondence with the new contacts you will make during your trip. Use apps to make reservations for transport and accommodation, make to do lists and reminders. Having all necessary information at hand is fabulous. Make sure you save a scan of your passport and visas – just in case.


But that’s not it yet! It gives you other important features: A camera to freeze your best travel moments forever, music to entertain you on long flights. Don’t forget the headphones.


3. Mobile Power Station


Take a fully charged ‘emergency’ power pack with you. They are super handy and worth carrying as your next charging point might not be as convenient as you would like.


4. Beauty Essentials


Your skin needs even more TLC while travelling; change in climate and cabin air can be skin no-nos. Your essentials, toothbrush (with a protective cover), hair bands and pins as well as a hair brush and some cotton buds. Our favourite: Coconut Oil is a great natural skin care all-rounder; use it as a natural makeup remover, hydrate your lips, hair or use it as a body moisturiser. It is an active ingredient we love and use in many of our products and has amazing skin and hair loving benefits.


A hand sanitizer in a travel-friendly size. To keep our hands clean and fresh. If it is scented, the aromatherapy effect of the fragrance can also be calming and refreshing.


Wet wipes are also very useful in many situations: To fresh up and clean surfaces.


A small travel first aid kit; painkillers, medicine for a troubled stomach, inspect repellant, sunscreen and some band aids.


5. Malée Hydrating Hand Créme


Changes in climate and recycled cabin air dehydrate your skin very quickly, especially your hands and feet. Malée’s Hydrating Hand Créme, rich in skin loving active ingredients will help moisturize, soothe, smooth and soften your skin. Apply on your feet also and massage in and this will help circulation and benefit from the aromatherapeutic effect of our fragrances.


6. Scarf


Another multi-purpose item, a large scarf will help you cover up when it gets chilly at night or on the plane. Use it, on the beach or as a blanket for a picnic.


7. Snacks


Snacking comes with travelling, say no to candy, sweets, ice cream and crisps from the kiosk shelves. Take your own (healthy) snacks, you won’t get hungry in between meals. Almonds and Coconut water to keep hydrated are great options. Just remember to drink up before the security gate.


8. Ear Plugs + Sleeping Mask


Close your eyes and drift away.


9. Book


Travelling is always a good time pick up a new read, finish your current book, that magazine issue you have been dying to read or reviewing the presentation from work.


10. Notebook and Pen


If you still love a good hand-written note or write a travel diary or journal.


Our top tip, record everything that makes your trip unique, make mental notes of the small details, you will thank yourself for the effort.


The pen will always be useful. Fill visa and customs with ease.