Skincare routine including moisurising oil with hand holding body scrub with lid removed


We all look at the celebs and think how beautiful they look, how clear their skin is, wooing and wishing for skin as beautiful and as perfect as that. The honest truth? There is a process behind the beauty, so this week we thought we’d share what we know about the best skincare routines.


The “good genes” tale


We’ve all heard it, “I have good genes” and whilst having good genes will definitely work in your favour, it won’t necessarily mean that you will have great skin. A basic tip to start your journey to glowing skin is to wear UV protection all year around. Believe it or not, we are actually exposed to rays every day even on grey days like today. Our advice? Find a product that already contains natural sunscreen? Products such as Products that contain wheat germ oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and almond oil will act as sun protection for your skin. Our Moisturising Oil and our Conditioning Body Cream do exactly that.


Don’t experiment too much with your skin – it won’t like it.


Finding a skincare routine that works for you can sometimes be tough. With the wide variety of products available to us it is sometimes easy to caught up in trying out new things, but if you do this, your skin will pay the price. Changing products regularly can cause pores to clog, damaging the skin and not allowing it to breathe. Many products also contain lots of chemicals and this can be harmful to your skin. Try a “free from” product that will cause less irritation and will adapt to your skin more easily, leaving it feeling nourished and glowing. At Malée we believe in providing only the very best for your skin and we know that sometimes less is more. Formulated with natural active ingredients and free from sulphates, parabens, animal originated ingredients and mineral oil, our products are grounded in nature and perfected by science.


You are what you eat?


It’s not just about what you put onto your body, it’s also about what you put into it.

If you’re looking after your skin but not caring about what you’re putting into your body then it’s time to re-think your inner-body routine. Remember that diets high in sugars can also cause the skin to become oily or dry and you may find that outbreaks of acne can occur. Drink plenty of water, this will help rinse your body of toxins, giving you a clearer complexion. Eat lots of fruit and veg and high-fibre foods, keeping skin structure strong and hydrated.


The Shower ritual


Not everybody has time for the body moisturising, skin pampering session that we would like every day but it is important to love your skin and it doesn’t need to time costly. Simply choose your favourite (Malée Conditioning Body Scrub of course) scrub to scrub away dead cells whilst in the shower with small circular motions in dryer areas and larger motions for not so dry areas. This will help improve blood circulation and will leave you feeling fabulous. Our Conditioning Body Scrub also turns into a milk when water is added which allows the process of scrubbing to be an indulgent or as quick as you need/want it to be. Hopp out the shower and smother yourself with our Moisturising oil, pat dry and off you go, ready to start the day.


Find a do-it-all-oil


This is really what we mean by less is more. Bathrooms cluttered full of products isn’t good for your soul or your skin. Clear out your bathroom and select only a few products, including an oil that will work for your whole body. The Moisturising Oil can be used on hands, nails, cuticles, body and also your hair. If a product works for one part of your skin, it should work for all.


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